Wills & Living Wills in Goudhurst , Kent

Wills & Living Wills in Goudhurst, Kent

At Goudhurst Legal in Goudhurst, Kent, we specialise in the writing of any wills or living wills. A will is an important document as it allows you to pass on information and instructions to your loved ones in a situation where you would be unable to do so. Whether you need to have a last will and testament writing up or a living will produced, Goudhurst Legal is there for you.

Last Wills and Testaments in Goudhurst, Kent

A last will and testament and a living will are very similar but have one major difference; time. A last will and testament is written in order to pass on instructions in the event of your death. On the other hand, a living will is created to pass on instructions in the case of you being too ill or incapacitated to communicate yourself.

At Goudhurst Legal, we specialise in the writing of last wills and testaments. We can provide expert advice on how best to manage your assets and property and how to make sure that your loved ones are in charge of your possessions.

Living Wills in Goudhurst, Kent

A living will is a document that you draw up in case you are ever too ill to communicate your final wishes or what sort of health treatment you would like in the event that you are in a coma or something similar.

A living will is highly important as it gives instruction on how you would like to be treated if you have a life-threatening condition. When a family member is in a critical condition but has not left any instructions, friction can occur between the remaining family members who are trying to decide what treatment is best for the patient. By having a living will, you can remove this stress for your family.

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