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Estate Planning


You can own a property as Joint Tenants or Tenants in Common, this should not be confused with renting a property as a tenant.

Joint Tenants means you and your co-owner(s) own it 100% together, not as a percentage each. If one owner dies, it automatically passes to the surviving owner(s). Therefore, it does not form part of your Will for distribution. The ‘downside’ of this is that, should one party be in care and the other then dies, the only owner of the property is in care which allows the whole property to be assessed for care fees of the surviving party.

Tenants in Common means the owners own the property as a specific share or in the case of a married couple, they own it 50-50 each. This allows for the half ownership to pass under the Will and to ensure only half of the property can be assessed for care fee assessment.


Assets of the deceased are frozen on death, so generally, funerals have to be paid for by the executors from their own pocket as the deceased’s estate is tied up in Probate. Funeral Plans are paid to your chosen funerals directors or the executors to settle the funeral costs.
Funeral costs are escalating in the region of 7-9% per annum.

Pre Paid Funeral Plans are guaranteed to:
Fix the cost of a cremation
Cover cremation disbursements
Funeral Directors fees
Protect against rising funeral costs.


On average 3 out of 7 Wills never see the light of day because they have been lost, destroyed or stolen. The original Will has to be located and used to obtain Probate. Document Storage is a dedicated secure fireproof facility with The National Will Archive for an annual fee of £25.

This ensures your Will can be located and passed to your executors to ensure your Last Will and Testament implements your wishes.


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